Welcome to the wiki page for the #CampEd12 learning festival

May 5th - 7th

Oxenhope (Nr Halifax)


We will use this wiki to make decisions on sessions, evening activities and once the event has finished to share ideas, resources, urls and notes made at the time.

It is important that this event is driven by those who are attending so please do put your thoughts below.

Timetable and potential activities

We have come up with the timetable below but this is purely as a starting point for discussion
Ideally it would be best if people could aim to arrive on Saturday morning.

The timetable at the moment looks roughly like this
Saturday morning - arrival and pitching of tents

Saturday afternoon - welcome and first session
- second session

Steam train experience (child/child at heart-centred activity) - suggested time 2 pm - 5 pm. Mike Curtis is available to give a tour of the various projects and works in the Engine Shed at Haworth Station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway from 3pm on Saturday. He suggests that those interested get a round ticket trip Oxenhope - Keighley - Oxenhope (e.g. leaving Oxenhope at 14.00 ending up back at Haworth at 15.05: timetable). Travel down to Haworth and meet Mike there. Alternatively, you can drive to Haworth Station and meet us there. He will show you around the various restoration projects in progress in the engine sheds. He has been involved in the restoration of City of Wells for many years and will be happy to show you the ins and outs of rebuilding a steam engine from the ground up! It is Railway Children weekend on KWVR so there will be plenty of other activities going on. Organised by Jo Badge (daughter of Mike Curtis), I'll be going along to this session and can guide the way. I think we can get a group booking discount if more than 10 of us buy tickets together, but this will need to be done in advance, email me if you want to book ahead (jobadge at gmail dot com).

Saturday evening - CampEd12 informal dinner all eating together in the barn or marquee (we anticipate that this will be from the local chip shop and covered by the cost of the festival)

Sunday morning - third session
Sunday afternoon - fourth session

Exciting Science - (child centred activity) Jo and Richard Badge will bring the essentials required for some exploding science activities. Diet Coke and Mentoes from us, hoping that Hayley Cooper can bring compressed air rockets and we can have some fun outside seeing who can make their rocket or coke bottle go the furthest! (note: just picked a random time to do this, if it fits better somewhere else, please shift it!)

Limping seagulls and other strange papery stuff: Could do some mathematical papery things: make origami modules - known as limping seagulls(!) that slot together to make boxes, or even tiny ones to make earings, play with Moebius strips, cut holes in postcards that we can climb through. Probably not a full session, but can organise if anyone's interested. Have put this in a random session, could go anywhere, Lois @MoreThanMaths

Sunday night - one suggestion has been to see if we can do a deal with the local pub, another option could be to get fish and chips. Opinions would be welcome
- does anyone want to have a Teachmeet type thingy here?

Monday morning - camp tidy, emotional farewells and wending of ways back home.

At the moment we are suggesting that we have three elements running in each session.
1) A salon or discussion session around a theme
2) A practical activity for both kids and adults which will allow more informal discussions
3) A child centred activity

Please put your suggestions here -
Salon discussions
Practical activities
Child / Teenager centred activities
ICT in primary schools sept 2012 onwards!
Mission Explore
Music session in the evening
Accompanied Moors Walks
Steam train experience (Saturday Afternoon)
Kite making and flying
Practical Art Activities
Den building
Exciting Science